JA BizTown - What is JA BizTown

The JA BizTown program provides students with a realistic opportunity to experience how basic economic concepts are used in the real world. By participating in JA BizTown, young students experience the responsibilities and opportunities of citizenship in a free enterprise system.

Designed for students in 4th through 6th grades, the JA BizTown program is presented in four progressive stages:

1) Teachers, parents and adult volunteers attend on-site training workshops.

2) Students complete a four-week classroom curriculum on economics, in which they choose jobs, develop business plans, and discuss the importance of citizen rights and responsibilities.

3) During the JA BizTown field trip, students participate in a day-long simulation taking on the roles of citizens in their community as business owners, employees, and consumers.

4) Students return to school and complete a follow-up classroom curriculum.

In the JA BizTown facility, students operate the bank, stores, radio station, restaurant, newspaper, and town hall. All businesses are outfitted with modern office equipment and business supplies. Students learn first-hand what it takes to create a business, as well as personally earn and manage money.

To learn more about JA BizTown, please call or e-mail Junior Achievement.
(614) 704-2532

To learn more about JA BizTown Summer Camp, click here or contact Camp Director Pete Crozier at 614-704-2532 or

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