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JA BizTown is a living, thriving community of fourteen businesses, ranging from retail to restaurant and manufacturing to media. We even have our own City Hall!

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There are many, many jobs at JA BizTown and each one of them is essential to the success of the economy. As you read the shop descriptions below, click on any Citizen Checklist to learn more about that specific job.

If you are a volunteer, you can read more about your role by clicking on the Volunteer Checklist listed under your shop. To gain a better understanding of your business, it would also be helpful if you read each Citizen Checklist associated with your shop. Please remember to watch the training presentation on the Volunteer Training tab. Thank you!

Each shop is exciting, but there are some tasks that must be completed in every business.

Every shop must have a creative, inspiring boss, right?

Every business has to have a detail-oriented person to handle the money, right?

Yes and Yes.

That’s why each shop has a CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and a CFO (Chief Financial Officer).

Are you a born leader? CEOs will officially apply for the business loan, sign all of their employees’ paychecks and all of the business checks, meet with important members of other shops, give a speech at the Opening Town meeting, make pricing and operational decisions for their business, make sure their employees are doing their jobs and going on breaks at the right time, and, oh yeah, fill in for everyone when they are on break. We didn’t say it was going to be easy!

Are you always bugging your parents for a higher allowance? If you like handling money, then CFO is the job for you! CFOs write all of the paychecks, pay all of the bills, make important financial decisions for their business, attempt to complete a Business Improvement Plan (which could earn even more money for their shop), and make deposits to the bank so their business gets credit for all of their hard work!

If you are going to be a CFO at JA BizTown, please take part in the CFO Training by clicking on this link:

JA BizTown Shops

Remember to click on any Citizen Checklist to learn more about that specific job.

In addition to CEO and CFO, the Blue Jackets Hockey Shop is staffed by several other important employees. The Sales Manager will work with the CEO to set prices on the retail items, prepare the product displays, greet customers, and ensure that the correct payment is received for each item sold. The Designer will assemble, inventory, and sell products in this fun, fast-paced work environment. He/she will work with customers to ensure to complete their merchandise orders. Remember, the customer is always right!

Blue Jackets Hockey Shop - CEO Checklist | Blue Jackets Hockey Shop - CFO Checklist | Blue Jackets Hockey Shop - Designer Checklist | Blue Jackets Hockey Shop - Sales Manager Checklist | Volunteer Checklist

Under the vision and guidance of their CEO and CFO, the Career Center is responsible for providing higher education classes and career counseling. The Education Specialist will meet with each CEO to discuss the educational opportunities available to their employees. The Education Specialist will also discuss a Business Improvement Plan with each shop’s CFO and he/she will collect a Career Assessment fee from each shop. A Career Counselor will meet with citizens, discuss their personal interests, and help them find their Dream Job! A Professor will meet with citizens, grade tests, and award the students a high school diploma or maybe even a college degree! Any student who earns an advanced degree will be rewarded with a higher salary. See, education pays!

Career Center - Career Counselor Checklist | Career Center - CEO Checklist | Career Center - CFO Checklist | | Career Center - Education Specialist Checklist | Career Center - Professor Checklist | Volunteer Checklist

A hip work environment … that’s the culture that the CEO and CFO have created at the Charles Penzone Salon. The Salon Director will have their hands in everything from marketing to setting prices to filling in at the front desk to helping customers in the Styling Contest as they create crazy hairstyles on the mannequin head! The Stylist will meet with customers and create a “pretend makeover.” He/she may attach hair clips, provide a manicure (fingernail stickers), and talk about other possible hairstyles. The Guest Service Representative is the first face customers see when entering the shop. He/she must be energetic and provide good customer service, whether he/she is selling merchandise or setting appointments for “makeovers.”

Charles Penzone - CEO Checklist | Charles Penzone - CFO Checklist | Charles Penzone Salon - Guest Service Representative Checklist | Charles Penzone Salon - Salon Director Checklist | Charles Penzone Salon - Stylist Checklist | Volunteer Checklist

In addition to all of the CEO duties listed earlier, the Mayor will also complete a census and take a poll on which business is doing the best work at JA BizTown. The Treasurer functions as City Hall’s CFO, writing all of the checks, paying all of the bills, and making all of the deposits. He/she makes sure JA BizTown doesn’t go bankrupt! The Attorney will start their day by solving a fun mystery. He/she will also sign paperwork from each JA BizTown business and generate revenue for City Hall by earning Attorney Fees from each shop. The City Administrator will collect taxes to keep the town running. He/she is also responsible for distributing many of the documents used by City Hall. Each shop needs to provide a safe environment for our citizens and that’s the job of the Property Manager. He/she will also measure each business and appraise the property. Everyone likes to get mail, right? Well, we couldn’t do it without the Mail Carrier. He/she will gather, count, and distribute each Friendly Letter that was written at school. The Voting Clerk will publish the ballot, help citizens understand the voting booth, and perform exit poll interviews.

City Hall - Attorney Checklist | City Hall - City Administrator Checklist | City Hall - Mail Carrier Checklist | City Hall - Mayor Checklist | City Hall - Property Manager Checklist | City Hall - Treasurer Checklist | City Hall - Voting Clerk Checklist | Volunteer Checklist

The Columbus Foundation’s CEO and CFO want to encourage you to support local charities. The Development Director will pick community projects, set a fundraising goal, and collect donations from other businesses. Citizens are encouraged to make contributions, too, and this is where the Program Director gets busy. He/she will set up a product display area and assist customers with their donations. He/she will also help citizens with the “Kinect to Your Community” Fundraiser where citizens can play an Xbox game to raise money for charity!

Columbus Foundation - CEO Checklist | Columbus Foundation - CFO Checklist | Columbus Foundation - Development Director Checklist | Columbus Foundation - Program Director Checklist | Volunteer Checklist

The CFO handles the money and the CEO runs the business. So what’s left to do? Well, creating the content, that’s all! The Editor is in charge of providing an accurate and entertaining product. He/she will enter the Letters to the Editor, JA BizBlog slogans, and proofread all of the material. The Reporter will write articles and gather fun quotes from citizens. Work quickly because we have an early deadline! The Photographer will take candid pictures of citizens … laughing and learning through their JA BizTown day. The Web Page Designer will create a special web page for each business using clip art, text boxes, and their own creativity! The Ad Executive will collect the web page designs from each business. Once the ads and web page designs are complete, he/she will collect payments from each shop.

Digital Media Center - Ad Executive Checklist | Digital Media Center - CEO Checklist | Digital Media Center - CFO Checklist | Digital Media Center - Editor Checklist | Digital Media Center - Photographer Checklist | Digital Media Center - Reporter Checklist | Digital Media Center - Web Page Designer Checklist | Volunteer Checklist

The CFO and CEO have made one thing clear to their staff: You will be busy! Every single citizen will come to the Donatos Café for lunch. The Food Manager will set up the equipment (the popcorn machine), make sure the equipment is working and clean (popcorn anyone?), prepare the food (did we mention that we have popcorn?) and monitor the food inventory (What? We’re out of popcorn already???) With all those salty snacks being served, we will need drinks, right? That’s the job of the Beverage Manager. He/she will inventory the beverages, stock the cooler, and help serve the ice cold refreshments. The Sales Manager is the connection to the customer, accepting payment and delivering food and beverages. We know it’s busy, but keep smiling … good customer service might win you the Mayor’s Quality Business Award!

Donatos - Beverage Manager Checklist | Donatos - CEO Checklist | Donatos - CFO Checklist | Donatos - Food Manager Checklist | Donatos - Sales Manager Checklist | Volunteer Checklist

If you want to be the Bank CEO or CFO, be prepared for a crazy day and loosen up your hand before you arrive as you will have lots of documents to sign! The Personal Banker will help each citizen open their personal savings account and report the total savings in a speech to all JA BizTown citizens at the Closing Town Meeting. The Teller will greet each citizen with a smile, helping them deposit their paychecks. The Teller will be busy later in the day, inputting direct deposits and paying out cash to citizens who earned diplomas. The File Clerk must be a very, very organized person as he/she will gather all of the documents produced in the bank and file them so they may be found quickly, if necessary. Attention to detail and great work ethic are essential!

Huntington Bank - CEO Checklist | Huntington Bank - CFO Checklist | Huntington Bank - File Clerk Checklist | Huntington Bank - Personal Banker Checklist | Huntington Bank - Teller Checklist | Huntington Bank Volunteer Checklist

Do you need your computers and other equipment to work in order to run a successful business? Of course, you do! That’s what the CEO and CFO of the IGS shop guarantee. IGS provides energy for all of the businesses in JA BizTown. The Energy Consultant will meet with each shop’s CEO to discuss their energy options. Each shop can choose to pay a set fee … or their CEO can come down to the IGS shop and spin the wheel … maybe their costs go down, maybe they go up! The Energy Consultant will also deliver invoices and collect revenue for IGS. The Sales Manager will work with their CEO to set prices on some popular retail items, arrange an attractive product display, and assist customers with their purchases.

IGS Energy - CEO Checklist | IGS Energy - CFO Checklist | IGS Energy - Energy Consultant Checklist | IGS Energy - Sales Manager Checklist | Volunteer Checklist

While the CEO and CFO run the business, the rest of the employees at the Radio Station are performing tasks that are essential to keeping the station on the air! The Ad Executive is responsible for collecting each business’ ad and making sure that it is delivered correctly on the air. The Ad Executive is crucial to the success of the Radio Station as he/she brings in most of the revenue necessary to pay back the loan. The Reporter is an energetic employee who reports on the air about the things happening at JA BizTown. Good writing is a must! The DJ will select the music, read the ads, take requests, and fulfill assignments from JA BizTown like “Play a song from every decade” and “Play a thematic set of music.” The DJ will also pick five songs from the music library and encourage citizens to vote on their favorites. He/she will count the votes and, at the end of the day, host the Top Three Songs Countdown Program!

Radio Station - Ad Executive Checklist | Radio Station - CEO Checklist | Radio Station - CFO Checklist | Radio Station - DJ Checklist | Radio Station - Reporter Checklist | Volunteer Checklist

Raising Cane’s is one of the most popular restaurant chains in all of Columbus and the CEO and CFO will work hard to keep it that way! The Shift Manager will visit the Supply Center, inventory retail items, work with their CEO on pricing merchandise, pace the production work to meet deadlines, and create a customer-friendly product display. The Shift Captain will take over from there, greeting customers, processing their orders, and delivering their items in a friendly, helpful manner.

Raising Cane's - CEO Checklist | Raising Cane's - CFO Checklist | Raising Cane's - Shift Captain Checklist | Raising Cane's - Shift Manager Checklist | Volunteer Checklist

“Be Creative!” That’s the mantra of the Sign Shop’s CEO and CFO. And that’s just what the Sign Designer does! The Sign Designer takes each business’ sign design and brings it to life on a personalized billboard. The Card Designer will design a business card for every citizen in JA BizTown. Sign Designers and Card Designers will assist customers during the Shopping Breaks in the “Sixty Second Sign” contest where citizens will have one minute to design a new logo for JA BizTown! The Sales Manager will deliver the completed billboards to each business and collect revenue for the Sign Shop. The Sales Manager will also meet with their CEO to discuss pricing and sales strategies for their retail items. The Ad Executive will collect the business card orders from each shop and assist the Card Designer in the production of the cards. He/she will distribute finished business cards and collect payment from each shop.

Sign Shop - Ad Executive Checklist | Sign Shop - Card Designer Checklist | Sign Shop - CEO Checklist | Sign Shop - CFO Checklist | Sign Shop - Sales Manager Checklist | Sign Shop - Sign Designer Checklist | Volunteer Checklist

A crucial part of a successful business is the ability to stay organized and that’s where the Supply Center can help. The CEO and the CFO pledge to get each business the forms and supplies they need to have a successful day. The Stock Manager will accept payments from each business for their supplies. He/she will also re-stock the supply bins for the following day and collect the recycling bins from each shop. The Leasing Agent is an essential part of the Supply Center. He/she will print a rental agreement for each business, deliver invoices to each shop, manage placement of the “For Rent” sign, and collect rent payments.

Supply Center - CEO Checklist | Supply Center - CFO Checklist | Supply Center - Leasing Agent Checklist | Supply Center - Stock Manager Checklist | Volunteer Checklist

The CEO and CFO are dedicated to producing the highest quality video for your JA BizTown day. The DVD will include an advertisement for each shop and other fun stuff! The Ad Executive will gather the ads from each shop and collect payments from each business. The Advertising Executives will also try to sell Cable and DVR packages to volunteers and teachers! The Host will interview guests, read ads on the air, and provide information and entertainment (info-tainment) to their audience. The Reporter will gather facts and write fun stories for the Host. Be creative! The Camera Operator will learn the intricacies of their equipment so he/she can become the next Hollywood legend! He/she works closely with the Host and Reporter to create an unforgettable program!

TV Station - Ad Executive Checklist | TV Station - Camera Operator Checklist | TV Station - CEO Checklist | TV Station - CFO Checklist | TV Station - Host Checklist | TV Station - Reporter Checklist | Volunteer Checklist

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